LT4 Productions is an independent film production and consultation company based in Louisville, Kentucky.  LT4’s mission is to find and support promising talent in the cinematic arts through producing, writing, and creating original material as well as analyzing, consulting, and critiquing films at various stages of development, production, and exhibition.  LT4 aims to lend a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of cinema to aspiring filmmakers, ranging from first-time artists to seasoned professionals.  To do this, LT4 plans to produce original material, engage the neighboring community of professionals and aspiring artists alike, and provide analytical discussion of current and classic works.

As the company grows, LT4 Productions plans to partner with and develop talented artists and film enthusiasts, helping to promote their works and improve the quality of their visual and narrative storytelling.  To discuss how LT4 may be able to assist with your next production in any capacity from consultation and review to full production, please visit our contact page to discuss your goals with us directly.  We look forward to working with many talented filmmakers in the Louisville area and beyond.

For more information on LT4 Productions, upcoming projects, and the people who make these services possible, please visit the links below: