Consulting Services

LT4 Productions is proud to offer film consulting services for amateur and experienced filmmakers alike.  All first consultation meetings are free of charge.

What is film consulting?  We offer our experience in the fields of writing, producing, directing, and editing as well as our analytical skills to help you navigate the process of making a film.  Our goal is to help guide you past many of the common roadblocks of independent filmmaking.  Take a look below at the areas of interest and how we can help your production.

Writing:  Treatment development/analysis, writing/rewriting/polishing, script development, character development, copyrighting.

Producing:  Finding funds for your production, determining the scale of your production, selecting crew, planning shoot schedules, choosing locations, preparing and executing marketing/advertising campaigns, permit and copyright processes, exhibition/distribution planning and execution.

Directing:  Previsualizing, creating a visual strategy, identifying your slant, creating shot lists, storyboards, overheads, shooting schedules, scene/script beat breakdowns, lined scripts, etc., casting assistance, working with actors, preparing for rehearsals.

Post-Production:  Editing notes, review and analysis of current cut, review/analysis of visual style/genre implementation, development of sound design, review and analysis of sound design.

Why Choose LT4?  We have the education and experience you need to help your production grow and thrive.  LT4 owner William M. Crouch has a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Digital Art and a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies.  He is a published film scholar and has presented his works as a speaker at conferences, including the 2018 and 2021 ACA/PCA National Conferences.  He also has a demonstrated record of success in the field of filmmaking.  His first consultation role was on the short film Rumination, which went on to screen in 30 film festivals across the country and won roughly 20 awards.  He also wrote, produced, and directed the short sci-fi drama Fatherless, which played at 20 festivals and won numerous awards for producing, directing, and acting.  His most recent screenplay, The Underground scored in the top 12% of all submissions at the highly-competitive Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition in 2020.  This combination of top tier education and experience grants you comfort knowing that your production is in good hands with LT4 Productions.

What Next?  Call us or email us today to set up a free consultation.  We would love the opportunity to look over your production at any phase and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.  Depending on the scale of your production and the scope of consulting work completed, we can discuss any fees during our initial consultation before we agree to any work.  We always try to keep these fees minimal and reasonable and are happy to entertain other options, such as film credit, especially on smaller productions.