When a group of enslaved persons on a Kentucky farm learn of a chance at freedom, they must agree on the best course of action to obtain it. The group deliberates and plans but nothing could prepare them for the unexpected events standing between them and the lives they seek.

The Underground boasts a screenplay that scored in the top 12% of all submissions to the 2020 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. It will be made by director William M. Crouch and many members of the award-winning team that made Fatherless. The team expects to complete production in Spring of 2022 in and around Louisville, KY. The film is being produced by LT4 Productions and Big Adventure Films, LLC through a fiscal sponsorship with The Gotham. The film will be released for festival viewing through 2023. Inquiries about cast, crew, or producer availability can be emailed to Matt@LT4Films.com

The cast of The Underground is largely set. Award-winning actor Michael J. Patterson will lead an ensemble cast in this production as Carlisle. Co-stars Xavier Mikal (Eli) and Jeffery Jackson (Jericho) will round out a team of protagonists. James Tackett will oppose the group as Sebastian Sinclair.

To view an artistic statement from writer/director William M. Crouch and consider making a tax deductible contribution to the film’s budget, visit the fiscal sponsorship page here.